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Offers and Princing


Restart Productions is here to make you life easier so we made packages. Having a fixed price provides certainty and stability, making it easier to budget and plan for expenses without the risk of unexpected costs or fluctuating prices.

We also know that every business is different with different needs so contact us if none of our package fit your needs.

For Any Business

Starter Pack

Get your new business off the ground with our all-inclusive package featuring a custom website, stunning photos, and captivating videos to showcase your brand online or remodel your existing website.


For Any Business

1 video per month

Build your business's visibility and start engaging with your clients to start building your community.

This plan allows you to plan your budget easier with a fixed amount and has one video a month scheduled in advance with us. ​

Starting at $550/month

The 333

For Any Business

Work with Essential Phases and Restart Productions on your website, digital organisation, marketing, newsletter and more...



- 1 website creation with three month of support

- 1 commercial video

- 8 to 10 edited photos


- 1 Youtube format video

per month


- Three 1h meetings with up to 3 hours of support per month.

Does not include daily tasks or customer service.

Media Content Creation

From social media content to video productions, we are to create with you!


Video Production

Build your portfolio to have content to publish on your website, post on your social media, and more.

The price of a portrait mode video (for Instagram reels, Youtube shorts, etc.) depends on the technology.

A really good technique with a special effect portrait mode video might fall into the video production pricing category.

Build your brand awareness in the best way possible. Video is what best shows your energy, passion, and enthusiasm. ​

The starting price is due at the time of booking. It includes:

40 miles (back and forth from the Pacific Grove city limit), then $0.75/mile

Contact us for a custom quote.

Every project has specific needs!

From $160*

Starting at

*For 8 to 10 edited photos

Website Creation and Update

Build or maintain your online vitrine

Website Creation

Website Maintenance

Website Remodeling

Build your custom website with us; our creativity and expertise will give you the support you need to build your dream website.

The strategy price includes the creation of a four-page website, domain creation, and basic SEO work.

The price may vary depending on the content you provide and the features you need.

You already have your website up and running, but you need updates (photos, items for sale, etc.).

We work with Wix, GoDaddy, and other big platforms like these as well as Wordpress.

For a website that needs a deep remodeling, a new page, or a new sections. Creation work requires more knowledge and talent.

Starting at

Starting at

Starting at

(Price may vary regarding your location)

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