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About Us

"There is always at least one Solution"

Hi, I'm Meghan, a born and raised Californian who came back to my home town of the Monterey Bay Area in 2021.

After achieving my BA degree in Sociology, I kept finding my way back to small businesses where I felt I could make the biggest positive impact by providing exceptional customer service. My computer skills, organization, and adaptability made me a vital resource, and I realized I wanted to help more small businesses, but on a bigger level.

Customer service and spreadsheets are my love languages during the day, and by night you will find me with my pets or overwatering my plants.

The Founders

Meghan and Damien, founders and ownser of DM Solutions

Damien was born and raised in France and moved to California in 2016 without speaking a word of English. It was, in fact, the first time he had ever crossed the French border.

With his French business degree and more than 10 years of experience in both big and small corporations doing sales, customer service, and management, he obtained a job as a surf shop general manager a few months after he arrived in Santa Cruz.

During his days off, you will probably find him building his camper van or behind his camera.

Our Story

Damien holding a "dream" sign he found in the ashes of their burned down house in 2020

After we met and got married, our world literally took on fire. In fact, the CZU fire took our home 11 months after we moved in together.

We wish it was the only thing the universe decided to put in our way, but it was just the beginning. We had to learn how to dance in the rain, so to speak, as we navigated through some of life's biggest challenges. We relied on our will to find solutions. Rather than letting smoke and fog deter us, we have used these experiences to propel us to get where we want to be in our personal and professional lives.

As we were rebuilding our new lives, we realized that we wanted more out of our careers but also to bring help where we knew we could truly make a difference.

We strongly believe in communication to get through harder times as well as to keep going ahead and find solutions instead of ignoring the problem and hoping for the best.

We are fighters, and we don't let go until we reach our goals. Today, the life we wake up to exceeds even our wildest dreams.

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